Docker for Mac Memory Leak

It seems that the default settings in Docker for Mac do not enforce any log rotation for services running on the integrated Kubernetes. This led to a seeming memory leak that would eventually crash my computer for long-running services. While this is somewhat understandable, given that Docker for Mac is clearly targeted for development, it still seems like an unfortunate default.

ZFS on macOS

ZFS is a filesystem developed at Sun Microsystems for their Solaris operating system. This is an experience report from recently setting it up as the filesystem for my secondary storage drives on macOS.

'Advanced Format' Disks

Last week, one of the drives in my desktop was having an unrecoverable read error, so I wanted to swap it out with another disk. I had a Samsung 4TB external USB drive lying around, so I popped it out of its case to put in the machine, and put the old drive (which still had some accessible data on it) in the USB enclosure. After plugging it into my laptop, the partitions appeared to be corrupted:


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